Walmart Credit Card Login Help | Walmart Mastercard Login, Applicatin Status & Phone Number

Walmart Credit Card Login: Walmart offers special credit cards to its users with many benefits. It gives you 3% additional discount on any purchase at You can also get 2% discount at Walmart Gas and Murphy USA. If you are using the card for the first time on the Walmart website, you can save 20% (not exceeding $50) on the first online purchase.

Walmart credit cards can be used at Walmart stores, Walmart website, and Sam’s Club. In this article, we will discuss Walmart credit card login, how to apply for a new card, how to check the application status and more.

Walmart Credit Card Login / CC Login | Walmart Credit Card Sign In:

If you have the Walmart credit card, you will want to log into your account online and access your card details. Let’s take a look at what it entails.

The very first thing you need to do is visit the Walmart credit login page at

Walmart Credit Card Login on pc my walmart credit card payment login


You will see a host of options and links on this page. In this article, we will cover only the aspects relevant to Walmart credit card sign in.

We will discuss the Sign-in section on this page, which is on the left (blue background).

If you already have a Walmart Credit Card User ID – Do Walmart CC Login Now:

As you can see, there is a text box labeled ‘User ID’. Here you need to enter your credit card login User ID to log in to your account. Once you have provided the User ID, click the ‘Sign in now’ button. Wondering why isn’t there a password and if the login is even secure? No need to be alarmed as you the password field and other security options will appear on the subsequent screen.

returningcustomers do walmart credit card login using user id - Walmart Credit Card Login

You can also see the text ‘Where do I enter my Password?’ It looks like a hyperlink though it is not. Take the mouse pointer over this text and a quick popup will appear stating that this page asks only for the User ID for security purposes and to prevent phishing.

The site will show you a ‘Personalized’ image before asking for the password. This gives you the confidence that you are using the correct website. If the personalized image does not appear, DO NOT provide your password.

Click ‘Remember Me’ checkbox if you want the site to remember your User ID next time (which means you will not need to enter it again). Use this option only when you are accessing the Walmart CC login on your personal computer. Make sure you keep it unchecked if you are using a shared or public computer.

After you are logged in, you can check Walmart credit card balance and other details. Walmart Credit Card Login or Walmart MasterCard login is pretty simple!

Don’t Have Walmart Credit Card User ID?– Register and Activate your Walmart Card:

When it comes to credit card activation and registration, Walmart gives you two options. You can do it right on the website in discussion here. You can also call the Walmart toll free number. How you do it completely depends on your personal preferences.

In this article, we will take a look at online registration process.

Open the login page: You should see two options on the left sign-in section within the blue background:

  • Activate My Card
  • Enroll Now

walmart credit card login - creat your walmart credit card account

We are not sure why this site offers two links as both of them subsequently lead to the registration page. Upon clicking ‘Activate My Card’ option, you will be directed to another page where on the left you will see the Login section and on the right ‘Register and Activate’ button. Click on ‘Register and Activate’ button if you are looking to register your card. This will take you to the registration page

Clicking on ‘Enroll Now’ link on the Login homepage will also take you to the same page (there is another ‘Enroll now and access your account’ button in the middle of the page, which takes you to the same registration page).

You can start the registration process on this page. Please note that only the primary account holders of the card can register the account. Also, you need to have the credit card handy in order to register (or at least your Walmart credit card number along with other details).

Enter your account number in the relevant field and click ‘Next’ (you can find your account number on your credit card statement or on the front of the credit card).

On the subsequent screens, you will have to authenticate yourself as the primary holder of the credit card and create a User ID and password. You can also select the desired preferences and choose a security image (the same image which appears after you enter your User ID) as well. This will enable the Walmart Credit Card Payment Login.

Forgot Walmart Credit Card User ID? I Forgot My User ID Guide:

Did you forget your User ID? No problem! You can retrieve it easily.

Walmart Credit Card Login - lookup user id get your walmart credit card user id

Access the login page and click ‘Look up your User ID’ under the ‘Sign in now’ button on the left.

On the next page, enter your credit card ‘account number’ and last four digits of social security number (SSN) and click ‘Next’. You need to provide last 4 digits of SSN to validate yourself as the authorized user of the credit card.

Walmart Credit Card Application | Walmart Credit Card Application Status, Approval Odds & Activation:

Don’t have a Walmart Credit Card yet? Want to apply for a new Walmart credit card? Here is how you can do that.

Applying for Walmart card is not just easy, it is also quick. There are three ways to apply:

  1. At any Walmart store register
  2. At a Walmart Jewelry kiosk
  3. On the credit card page of Walmart website

If you have applied for a credit card at the Walmart store and it is approved, the store will give you a Temporary Shopping Pass. This pass will work only for 24 hours and only at the Walmart store where you have applied for the card.

Note: If you are looking for Walmart credit card instant approval, Store is the best place to apply.

In order to apply for the Walmart credit card online, visit the site and click ‘Apply Now.’ You will need to sign in with your Walmart username and password.

Walmart Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number | Walmart Credit Card Balance:

If you want to check your Walmart credit card application status, you can call 1-877-969-3668 (Walmart Credit Services toll-free number). The card will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days after approval. If you do not receive the card after 10 days, you can call Walmart credit card customer service number.

Walmart credit card approval odds are usually high. Some users have reported getting approved even at the credit score as low as 400. But, it largely depends upon company policies and a few other factors. Many with the score higher than 400 could not get the request approved.

Once you receive the card you can do the Walmart credit card activation on the website (as aforementioned). You can contact us for any queries about Walmart Credit Card Login.